Edublog simile generator

I’ve noticed that the edublogging space is getting increasingly crowded. Seems like anyone with a blog is now an education expert. A related problem seems to be a lack of imagination when coming up with post titles, snappy catchphrases, and edugeek similes. The often quoted “markets are conversations” cliche is getting hackneyed with a proliferation of other things also being conversations. Then there’s the future predictions. The best prediction I saw recently was “… In the future of media, which is now, …”. Classic. The future is now, so what’s tomorrow? Two days after yesterday I suppose, or the day before the day after tomorrow.

So anyhoo in order to help budding edubloggers I’ve created a little edugeek simile generator which may even help you come up with ideas for your post titles.

If your web browser doesn’t like iFrames then try this link.