I’ve noticed that the edublogging space is getting increasingly crowded. Seems like anyone with a blog is now an education expert. A related problem seems to be a lack of imagination when coming up with post titles, snappy catchphrases, and edugeek similes. The often quoted “markets are conversations” cliche is getting hackneyed with a proliferation of other things also being conversations. Then there’s the future predictions. The best prediction I saw recently was “… In the future of media, which is now, …”. Classic. The future is now, so what’s tomorrow? Two days after yesterday I suppose, or the day before the day after tomorrow.

So anyhoo in order to help budding edubloggers I’ve created a little edugeek simile generator which may even help you come up with ideas for your post titles.

If your web browser doesn’t like iFrames then try this link.

9 thought on “Edublog simile generator”
  1. That is classic Dr D. Classic. I have been rolling over my desk for the last few minutes giggling at these.

  2. Well it’s only a bit of fun and I hope everyone takes it as such but it’s spooky how close to home some of these are 😉

  3. When I saw this from Steven’s OLDaily , I’d read it as “smilie” generator.
    I’ve had a good giggle with these, but am now wondering what we’d have as edublogger’s smilies 🙂 (not only the keyboard shortcuts, but also the images that you’d have too … )

  4. Hi Emma, it is ‘simile’ as in “a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like’ or `as’) “.

    But I like the idea of smilies for edubloggers too. Maybe a permanently puzzled look? Confused smilie

  5. I’d not expressed myself clearly enough the first time – once I’d realised that they were similies, rather than smilies, I was fine. I was just expecting images, rather than words of wisdom 😉

    As to the smilie generator – I like the puzzled one, but can’t remember the code for it. 🙁

  6. My favorites so far: “In the future YouTube will be the future”. Amazing.

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