It’s been a long time since I uploaded a photo to Flickr. It was once my go-to photo service but after various changes of ownership and pricing I lost interest. More importantly perhaps Instagram happened, and for a number of years I’ve been posting there instead. I exceeded the maximum number of uploaded photos for the free account (1,000) so I downloaded all my content and thought I might upload the best pics to Instagram for posterity. However, reviewing my old Flickr photos I was struck by how poor the quality was relative to my more recent photos. This wasn’t so much an improvement in the eye behind the camera but instead the massive leap forward in camera technology in the iPhone. Most Flickr photos were taken with various digital cameras I’ve owned but all my Instagram pics have been taken with iPhones. As there is no real benefit to deleting the Flickr photos and uploading poor quality copies to Instagram, I’ve decided to keep my Flickr free account for posterity and leave the photos there.

For the record, my Flickr photos are at and my Instagram account is at

3 thought on “Flickr extinguished”
  1. Hey David. Long time gone. I think the last time we talked was just after you got married. And again, Congratulations!

    I will go check out your old Flickr stuff. Me? I use Flickr all the time. I find the quality so much higher than instagram. I will give you a link for my Flickr photostream. Check the images out on a computer, because clicking on an image once, and then again, you can see a LOT of detail.

    1. Great to hear from you Jack! It only took a global pandemic and being cooped up inside the house for 8 weeks to get me to dust off this blog! You’ve always impressed me with your passion for photography, you have a good eye and you’re right about the quality of photos on Flickr being superior. I think you have a better camera than I’ve ever had. I stopped using a conventional camera a couple of years ago and now only use my phone, so maybe that’s why I gravitated to Instagram.

      1. The newer phones image quality far outshines Instagram. But Instagram is connected to Facebook, so there is that.

        Anyway, it is good to see you again.

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