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I created this plugin because I wanted a way of adding value to a WordPress post by providing ‘further reading’ search links and tags without spoiling the flow of the piece. Gathering all these at the end of a post as a kind of footnote made sense and provided a tidy additional links area.

This plugin allows you to tag your WordPress posts with a further reading links that may contains any combination of Google search links as well as Technorati, Flickr,, and Google Map tags. Search links and tags are stored as custom fields in your WordPress database as key/value pairs e.g.

Key = Google, Value = WordPress

This key/value pair will be rendered as a link to a Google search term for ‘WordPress’.

I implemented things in this way as I believe that your posts’ metadata, i.e. the links/tags themselves, should be stored separately from the post body rather than lock them into post content. This allows you a future proof way of using such further reading metadata if you ever need to change the way these data are presented or rendered.

To add search links or tags to your posts simply create custom field keys in your WordPress post form. The first time you create link or tag keys your WordPress system will remember them for future use, so you only need to type them in once and there’s no chance you’ll subsequently misspell them or forget which tags to use. Use the following custom field keys, adding your own custom values:

  • google
  • technorati
  • flickr
  • delicious
  • gmap (for geotagging your posts)

To geotag your posts use ‘gmap’ as the custom field key and add your geotag coordinates in decimal format as the value. For example…

WordPress Custom Fields

Links and tags will be neatly rendered at the end of your post in their own paragraph structure with CSS class ID ‘technotags’ allowing you to style your own links/tags presentation.

Release history

v1.1 (28 May 2006) Added Google search links and CSS support. Click to download
v1.0 (31 December 2005) First public release as Technotags plugin.

Have fun and let me know how you get on.

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