Given sufficient time (but let’s be realistic – it ain’t ever going to happen) I’d like to have commented on the following topics:

  • Why Orkut Doesn’t Work

Following interesting pieces on the Corante weblog and in Wired I would have liked to comment on the trend for social networking services, and why ultimately most will fail because they’re networking the wrong people.

A follow up to my earlier piece about this new service involving mobile phone shortcuts, automated text response & data gathering and premium-rate text messaging.

This learning object editor, content packager and SCORM player goes from strength to strength.

  • The Internet as physician

recent article in the British Medical Journal evaluates the efficacy of two Internet interventions for community-dwelling individuals with symptoms of depression. The results? Web sites that provided cognitive behaviour therapy were more effective than a control intervention in reducing symptoms of depression. Reason enough to keep on reading weblogs then.

  • ePortfolios

An interesting community project on creating electronic learning portfolios by Chandler-Gilbert Community College. This site is interesting because the portfolios are reflective learning tools rather than the more common but less interesting performance achievement portfolios.

Hey, what do you know, Mark Forster’s advice really does work. I feel my blogging blockage shifting.