I’ve been using Apple’s Safari web browser since it first became publicly available. So how come only tonight I spotted the Activity window? How long has this feature been in Safari? It’s incredibly useful. It lists all the components of a web page during and after a page is rendered. You can use the list of a page’s objects to see where all the objects are stored (i.e on which web server – a feature useful when designing or debugging weblog templates for example) allowing you to troubleshoot slowly downloading objects. We’ve all seen web pages, particularly weblog pages, seemingly take ages to finish downloading, even after all the apparently visible objects have rendered. Well using Safari’s Activity window you can see exactly what’s going on. What’s more, once a page has fully downloaded and rendered you can see that object’s size (another useful feature when constructing bandwidth-conscious web pages) plus double-clicking on any object in the Activity window to open that object in its own window, or download it to disk. A very handy feature. Surprisingly Apple doesn’t mention the Activity window on its own Safari web page. Anyway, now you know.