I’ve joined the 2009/365photos Flickr photo pool. This is a group of education technology folk who’ve decided to take one photograph every day for a year. It’s a great discipline and has rekindled my interest in taking photos. I’ve not been systematic about taking photos, instead I just try to capture an image that for me sums up the day, or at least a notable point in each day. Looking back over the pics for January it’s interesting how quickly I can recall each day. Previous to starting the photo documentary project I could not have told you what I was doing 3-4 weeks ago let alone last week most of the time. But now it’s easy. As I’ve never had the discipline to keep a diary, this is a nice way of recording each day.

With today being the last day of January, a bunch of us are celebrating the first milestone, and 1/12 of the way through the project. Here’s a slideshow of my pics for January. There are a few duffers in there but overall I’m pleased with my first 31 pics.