Does anyone know if there’s a weblog client, ideally for Mac, that supports WordPress custom fields? I’ve tried popular editors such as Ecto and MarsEdit but I’ve not yet found a client that allows you to specify custom fields. I think custom fields are a killer feature of WordPress because you can store metadata separately from the post itself and do the kinds of cool tricks my Technotags plugin allows such as geotagging and adding reference links at the foot of posts.

7 thought on “Weblog client that supports WordPress custom fields”
  1. Trying to track down an answer for this too… Looks like NO, unless you have found something you would like to mention as a follow-up.

  2. Some body has to come up with it. I see that more and more wordpress themes and utilizing the custom fields. I just revamped my website and am now am starting to use more of the custom fields..

  3. I use custom fields to manage my asides list. I store the bookmark URL in a custom field named “external”. I used to publish with MarsEdit, but it doesn’t support custom fields currently.

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