Nokia Lifeblog posting via Flickr

Got myself a Nokia N73 and the quality of the camera is very impressive. Nokia have partnered with Flickr to allow you to post straight from the phone. Flickr also allows you to simultaneously post to your blog to further extend your moblogging fun. This test pic using the flash shows some of my old id cards from 20+ years ago. We found a load of old photos and memorabillia when we moved house recently. For a phone the quality of pictures is pretty darned good. I’ve waited since the days of the Nokia 7650, one of the first cameraphones for a phone, that I can carry to replace a point and shoot standalone camera. Looks like the N73 was worth waiting for.

4 thought on “Nokia N73 Lifeblog posting via Flickr”
  1. Hi there i’m strtuggling to get flickr to upload pictures from the N73, I keep getting “system error 36”. Did you manage this ok? can you talk me through exactly what you did…..many thanks if you can be of help.

  2. Hi, I was wondering as a fellow N73 user if you know how to download themes made on a website on to my phone as I didnt initially think it were possible. Is the N73 Mac compatible?


  3. Joe: Yes, the N73 is Mac compatible.

    A simple search for “n73 themes” or “free n73 themes” on google should give you loads of results.

    You basically need to download the theme onto your computer and either bluetooth it to your phone, or use your USB cable to transfer the theme file to your phone.

    There are services that CHARGE you to install their themes. You could avoid them as there are loads of sites that give you themes for free.

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