Geotag your WordPress posts

If you’d like to geotag you WordPress posts you can do so using my Technotags plugin. The plugin does two things. It allows you to add metadata to your posts including geotag coordinates and it automatically creates a link to Google Maps to show the location of your coordinates.

Get the latest version of the plugin here.

To use this geotagging goodness simply add a custom field key called ‘gmap’ to your post and enter the latitude and longitude in decimal format as the value. Coordinates must be in decimal formal e.g. 52.4509934727,-1.93881244894 rather than as degrees, minutes and seconds e.g. +52° 27′ 3.57", -1° 56′ 19.72" for this to work. Most if not all GPS devices will give you coordinates in decimal format.

The custom fields from an example geotagged post will look like this…

WordPress Custom Fields

Your post is now geotagged! By adding coordinates to your post’s metadata you will be future-proofing your geotags because any future applications that can use latitude and longitude data will be able to extract these without affecting the post itself.

To help your readers visualise the location specified by your geotag coordinates the Technotags plugin creates an link to Google Maps using your coordinates at the end of your post. Because you entered coordinates using custom fields, the Google Map link is separate to your post, like all good metadata should be.

The Technotags plugin does other cool things like create links to Flickr and Technorati tags and much more. Check it out!

Have fun and let me know how you get on. Happy geotagging!