Loving my Ipevo Skype phone

Ipevo phoneI’ve been happily using Skype for a while, so I figured it was about time to enhance my VOIP experience by getting a Skype phone. I didn’t want to look like someone from a call centre so I wasn’t shopping for a headset with mic. “How hard could it be”, I thought, “to get a decent phone?”. How wrong could I be. As a Mac user I’m appalled by the complete lack of decent Mac-compatible phones for Skype. The only one I could find is the Ipevo Free-1, sadly not free but not too expensive at around £30. It’s a great phone, lightweight with good sound and it has enhanced my Skyping. I can recommend it, though that’s not saying much as they don’t yet appear to have any competition. One niggle is that the driver isn’t very well done, and must run as a separate application in the Dock whenever you use Skype. Still, it works, is portable, and I’m happy.

Hey, that’s my car in Google Earth!

My car in Google EarthHey, whadya know, I found my car in Google Earth! Well, it was my car until I sold it a couple of years ago. It was a distinctive yellow VW Beetle, the only one like it where I work so there’s no doubt that it’s mine. I liked that old car. It became famous while I owned it having appeared in a UK TV soap being driven by a famous pop star! Ah, those were the days. Funny though, I’ve not had much TV work since. Do you think it was just my wheels they were after?

Here’s the Google Earth placemark.