alt-i-lab 2004: Advancing Learning Technology Interoperability

Look out California, here I come! The 2nd annual IMS learning technology meeting hits the San Francisco Bay today and for the rest of the week. The venue is Redwood City, the Sofitel Hotel, so if you're in the area, stop by and say hi! I see from the program that David Wiley and Raymond Yee are here, two learning technologists I greatly admire. If you guys are reading this, I'm looking out for you!

After the conference I'm heading off to San Diego for the weekend to say hi to friend and fellow weblogger, Jack Mancilla. Jack, I've got my shades and hat so I'm ready for the desert.

If anyone else is around the area this week drop me a line (link at right) and we'll see if we can meet up.

PS As an extra bonus I met up with Scott Leslie too. This is real treat to meet such great webloggers, and it's not even a weblogging conference. Pity Alan's just a bit too far away given the time I have. Next time!

RSS (momentary) liberation

I’ve been neglecting my RSS news reader lately. Each time I start up NetNewsWire the unread items count goes up by a few more tens; 600, 700, 800 unread items. Where do I start? So I close down the app not being able to face so much unread news. All those weblog posts I should be reading. What am I missing? I can’t stand it, so I fired NNW up again, 900 unread items…

Then I had a flash of inspiration. Mark all as read. There, no unread items. I’m on top of the news. I can relax.

Uh oh, wait a minute, another refresh of all feeds is in progress…

Is it just me?

Fishing for eLearning Standards in Sestri Levante

At the beginning of May around 500 delegates gathered in Sestri Levante, a quiet fishing town on the beautiful Portofino coast, Northern Italy for the 2004 eLearning Results meeting. Now in its second year, the conference organized by Giunti Interactive Labs brings together industry leaders, academics and government agencies to share case studies and discuss good practice in the field of e-learning standards. The meeting offered a refreshing change from the usual navel-gazing often associated with e-learning standards meetings and instead focussed on success stories of standards adoption. The standards bodies themselves were well represented with delegates from IMS, SCORM, AICC and the UK’s own CETIS in attendance.

Streaming video of all the presentations including the medical education strand are on the web. I wrote a review of the event for the 01.5 edition of the LTSN-01 newsletter, be sure to check it out along with all the other goodies in the newsletter. A 1.2Mb PDF version of the newsletter is here, a higher res version is on the LTSN-01 web site.