Oh great, there goes the credit card limit. The Apple iTunes music store has hit the UK. Just tried my first purchase, Yello's “You Gotta say yes to Another Excess“. The music store works beautifully. Simple one-click purchase and really fast download, 79p per track. Although I've downloaded maybe hundreds of MP3s it's not had a major impact on my CD buying, I still like to own a physical CD and I have no wish to deprive songwriters of their rightful royalties (for example I'm very happy to support an artist like Morrissey and his rather good comeback album “You are the Quarry” album especially as hits the stores after Morrissey was dropped by his record label so I'm sure he could do with a few quid), but downloading using something like Acquisition is just so darned easy. Well now I guess I've got no excuse as the iTunes music store is just as easy. I'm happy to use it and to pay for downloaded music, but will it change the fact that I like to own a CD? And will I hang up my copy of Acquisition? Time will tell.