I'd like to hear from people who use their mobile phone to record video clips. In particular I'd like to know what video format your phone uses. My phone is a Nokia 7650 so I know about those but do all phones record 3GP video? I guess not and would expect at least MP4. Supporting alternate video file types in the assetManager tool is easy but I need to know what they are. My Christmas present to myself is a shiny new Sony Ericsson P900, the smartest of the smart phones. So in a couple of days I'll know how they store and send video. If video blogging is going to take off in Radio weblogs we need to build in support for all video formats.

Incidentally, this post was simultaneously posted to my weblog and emailed to a Yahoo email group. A little known feature of the assetManager tool is the ability to mirror weblog posts to an email address, in this case an email list. If you already have a copy of this tool you can configure email notification here. If you don't yet have a copy you can download the latest version here.