I guess it was inevitable that privacy issues would quickly follow the increasingly rapid uptake of camera phones. In the UK an ambulance worker has been sacked following allegations he took photographs of a dead patient using his camera phone. Although if true this is an extreme case, how many other far less serious but nonetheless invasive cases will emerge where people have had their picture taken without their consent? But the issue is far broader than just irresponsible camera phone owners. It's almost impossible to walk down a UK high street these days without having your picture taken countless times with a CCTV camera. Where do all those pictures go and who's using them I wonder? Is it OK to take a CCTV picture of a dead patient, a road traffic victim in the previously mentioned case, but not OK to take a picture with a camera phone? Or a real camera? What if you were a photo journalist? What if you were a photo journalist in a conflict zone and took pictures of dead people killed in war? Who decides when it is OK to take your photo, and when it is not?