Creating a mobile weblog is a lot like herding cats, well kind of. There are lots of media you could use depending upon what you want to express. Which you choose is up to you but you should be free to choose any. That's why I'm going to rename the weblog m-blog. The m is multimedia. The fact that it's mobile is incidental. I don't call my regular weblog a stationary weblog. This historic first video clip was brought to you courtesy of my Nokia 7650 and the amazing t-mobile video app.

Keep on m-blogging! And yes, we have a lot of cats.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Are picture blogs going to take off like regular weblogs? There are many weblogs that feature the purely personal, pictures of the kids, and pets, holidays, you name it. They're capturing the moment. Isn't that what weblogs are all about?

Anyway, my cat's name is Zappa. I hope you liked the reference.