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 Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Of course you'll most likely want a more open web service than just entering a Manila message number. Manila site name, membership info, etc. That's no problem. I just wanted you to see my quick proof-of-concept first. I'll put out some scripts tomorrow. Now, it's after 3am so that's enough for one night.

PS All the info and scripts you need to accomplish a full Radio <-> Manila interface are already in radio at system.verbs.apps.manila.

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This will really bake your noodle. This is a message in Manila. Hello to Radio Userland users!

You can see me on the web at this web site

Interested? Then join this Manila site and post a new discussion message. Get the number of your new message (it's in the URL) and paste that number into the following web services macro in Radio 8.0.4:

<%["xmlrpc://"].radio.getManilaMessage ("3")%>

The macro is already set up to include this message (number 3). Just copy it and paste it into a new Radio weblog post.

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