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 Sunday, February 3, 2002

Here's a quick test of a new service for Radio. What you should see is a table containing news items pertaining to the topic 'cancer'. The service is a utility that searches all your subscribed-to RSS feeds for a keyword you enter. This is a handy service to find just those news items that interest you rather than having to read through zillions of other items.

AP Health

  1. Study of Promising Cancer Drug Stopped

BBC: Health

  1. Gene pattern cancer spread clue
  2. Nanocell's double hit on cancer
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Cool, got a link from Wireless Internet magazine. Hello fellow wireless webloggers!
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I just uploaded a bunch of pictures. Check out the new gallery using the link at left. I'm really pleased that we can now get such a nice looking picture gallery with no effort, it's all built in and automatic!

I'm really chuffed with the way this new tool has turned out! I must do something about those picture file names though.

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Changed the picture gallery layout so that it gets more pictures on a page and, well, just looks nicer in my opinion. Check it out.
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