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 Saturday, February 2, 2002

I've repackaged my picture gallery script as a tool. I've also renamed it assetManager tool. The reason for this name change will be more apparent over the next few days. For now though it's a fully functional picture gallery tool.

You must have Dave's myPictures.root tool installed for my tool to work.

What does it do? When a picture is dropped into your Radio picture upstream folder it gets added to a picture gallery page in your weblog. This way you can share all your pictures with family and friends. It's also a convenient way for you to manage your pictures. Your picture gallery will be here:

There will also be a version of this gallery on your cloud weblog called picturegallery.html

Here's mine.

Get the tool here:


Download this file and put it into your Radio tools folder. Mac users please change the file type to 'TABL' and the file creator to 'LAND'.

You will then find two menu options under the Tools -> AssetManager menu.

1. Refresh Picture Gallery...

You must select this option the first time you install this tool. Thereafter you can run it whenever you like to get a clean picture gallery.

Dropping pictures into your upstream folder will add a new picture item to the picture gallery. However, I'm still having major problems getting my callbacks to run when a picture is deleted. I still can't see how the radio.upstream.callbacks.upstreamFileWasDeleted scripts get called as the vital code for this appears to be commented out. If you delete a picture you are strongly advised to reselect the 'Refresh Picture Gallery...' menu item. I'm sure this will be fixed soon.

2. Refresh Code...

I hope Dave doesn't mind but I blatantly stole his excellent codeFreshener scripts to implement this. The action of this menu item should be self explanatory. Select it and you'll get the latest version of the tool. Watch this space for announcements!

Comments & suggestions are always welcome. Additional asset management functionality will be out RSN!

Have fun!

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