Back from California

David Davies, Raymond Yee and David Wiley at alt-i-lab 2004Back from alt-i-lab 2004 and back from California. Lots to say about the conference and my first exposure to the inner workings of IMS. Fascinating insights into the standards and specifications world including the true nature of specification adoption after talking to people both inside IMS and out. Notes from the conference later. I had the unexpected but considerable pleasure of meeting some of the people I most admire from the weblogging world, notably Raymond Yee, Scott Leslie and David Wiley. I hadn't expected to meet any webloggers at this meeting let alone three such distinguished exponents. Raymond, Scott and David are really nice people and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them. It's a real treat to meet people from the weblogging world in the flesh and for me it de-emphasizes weblogs and weblogging per se and instead emphasizes the people behind the blogs. Scott and I along with Mark Stiles had a great evening out at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Redwood City and even the trip to Shooters bar afterwards was an experience (Mark has a great photo that I'll try to get a copy of). In the meantime, the accompanying photo is courtesy of David's camera, thanks David and looking forward to spending more time next conference.

The real highlight of my time in California though has to be my post-conference road trip around San Diego courtesy of Jack Mancilla. It was an incredible experience and I took lots of great photos. I am so indebted to Jack for being such a good host. I'm just getting the pictures web-ready so I'll post them soon along with notes from the trip.

Kraftwerk @ Manchester Apollo

Kraftwerk were at the Manchester Apollo last night as part of their 2004 world tour. Great gig, natch, though Florian seemed to be having either technical problems or problems with the stage lights shining into his face all gig resulting in him stepping off stage a couple of times during the show.

The thing about Kraftwerk is that it's not just the music, it's also the style, visuals, presentation, all of it. The pictures I took below with my smartphone don't do the band or the stage presentation any justice. You had to be there – assuming of course that you could get a ticket – the venue was sold out. There are some better quality pics from earlier dates on their current world tour on the excellent Technopop fan site.

The pictures below represent the set list in play order. It's more fun to compute!

Kraftwerk Man Machine

Man Machine
Kraftwerk Expo 2000

Expo 2000
Kraftwerk Tour de France 2003

Tour de France 2003
Kraftwerk Vitamin

Kraftwerk Tour de France

Tour de France
Kraftwerk Autobahn

Kraftwerk The Model

The Model
Kraftwerk Neon Lights

Neon Lights
Kraftwerk Radioactivity

Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express

Trans Europe Express
Kraftwerk Numbers

Kraftwerk Computer World

Computer World/It's More Fun to Compute/Homecomputer
Kraftwerk Pocket calculator

Pocket Calculator
Kraftwerk The Robots

The Robots
Kraftwerk Elektro Kardiogramm

Elektro Kardiogramm
Kraftwerk Areo Dynamik

Aero Dynamik
Kraftwerk Musique Non Stop

Musique Non Stop