If your hot beverage of choice is tea rather than coffee then head on over to the Rare Tea Company. Henrietta Lovell, the proprietor sells the most amazing teas and she’s a jolly nice person to boot, happy to chat about her selection of teas to help you make a choice. I can recommend them all but particularly special are the Jasmine Silver Tip and Oolong tea. For the single tea drinker I can also recommend buying the White porcelain tea pot and tea cup.

While you’re at it head on over to the testimonials on the web site. Yours truly somehow managed to enthuse about Henrietta’s tea right next to Angelica Huston. So you’ll be in good company for your next cuppa!

One thought on “Fancy a cuppa?”
  1. Dear David,

    I was just sent a link to your blog and I wanted to thank you personally. I’m really touched by the nice things you say about me and my teas. It means a great deal to get such good feedback. I go to great lengths to bring back the very best teas and to know they are loved is wonderful.
    On a Monday morning with a huge pile of work on my desk your kind words are a real bonus.
    Thank you so much.
    All the best,

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