Spud harvestNice crop of spuds after our first year in our new garden. There’s twice as many still to dig up! Won’t be buying spuds for a while. We’re still picking spinach and tomatoes too. And there’s leeks, carrots, beetroot and garlic still to come. If the weather stays fine we’ll plant some spring cabbage and winter lettuce tomorrow where the potatoes were.

3 thought on “First crop of the potato harvest”
  1. Nice “Tarp o’ taters” … I want some baked. mashed, fried with onions, boiled in a stew. … And it is only 8:00 am. … Now what am I going to do all day? … Oh yes, dog shooting. … Later.

  2. Nicely done! We’ve never had much luck with potatoes, don’t have tons of room and the soil type doesn’t seem to help much. Growing your own feels good, though, doesn’t it?!

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