Stand in the place where you live
Now face north
Think about direction
Wonder why you haven’t before

Stand by R.E.M

I’m now much more location aware since buying a GPS receiver, not that I ever used to feel particularly lost but it’s comforting to know my exact location to 14 decimal places 😉 I’ve always had a bit of a geeky thing for satnav but many of the commercial systems are way too expensive. I found a cheapo GPS receiver for less than £40 and with my ageing P900 and a couple of shareware apps I’m away!

I’ve found there’s a whole array of geo-aware services out there. Check out Flickr geotagging and for starters.

I’ve also updated my WordPress metadata plugin to recognise lat/long tags. So to see where I am from time to time check out the geotag links in my posts. I’ve signed up for a Google Map key so one of my Xmas scripting projects is to create some maps for this weblog.