Fancy the sound of Tuvan throat singing? We did so we got ourselves off down to the Midlands Arts Centre to see Yat-Kha, Tuva’s premier folk/rock outfit. With their lead singer Albert Kuzevin and his kargyraa khoomei or low-tone throat singing (and boy were Albert’s deep bass notes low!) Yat-Kha create a unique sound by bringing contemporary rock arrangments to traditional Tuvan folk songs and give a Tuvan flavour to familiar rock songs. If you can imagine Joy Division’s ‘Love will Tear us Apart’ (one of my fave songs by the way, done in a throat singing stylee then you’re part way there but I bet you can’t imagine what that sounds like 🙂 So if you ever get the chance to see Yat-Kha live then take it ‘cos I guarantee you ain’t heard anything like ‘em before! Otherwise check out their new album ‘Re-Covers’ to hear Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin and Iron Butterfly like you’ve never heard them before!