So how come I’ve only just found out how insanely great Skype is? Sure, I’ve known about it for a while but have never properly checked it out. So today I got the latest Mac OS X client, set up SkypeIn (€30pa), added some credit to my SkypeOut account (€10 gets me 500 minutes to the UK or US) and away I go! I can call just about anywhere for €0.02 per minute and anyone with a regular phone can call me! Better still, computer to computer calls are completely free. Having just got back from the States and after racking up a huge mobile phone bill, I could have really done with Skype last week. The quality is terrific, better than most regular phone calls.

My Skype ID is ‘daviesda‘. I have no idea if the callto://username/ URL is legit but it works for me. If you know me, Skype me and I’ll give you my Skype phone number.