Ok, so I indulge in a little vanity surfing, I use PubSub to keep track of who's commenting on my weblog posts. I have one PubSub subscription for my weblog URL and another for 'David Davies', figuring that there aren't that many bloggers with the same name yet (though it is a popular name in the land of my fathers, Wales, so come the Welsh weblogging revolution who knows – although I'm only 1/4 Welsh myself). Anyway on a good day I may get maybe one or two entries in my PubSub feeds. But today, I got 33! Wow, did I suddenly get popular overnight? Sadly no, it's another David Davies, one that stepped in to temporarily replace the Chief Exec of the FA in the wake of the Mark Palios/Sven-Goran Eriksson fuss-over-nothing 'scandal'. So for the time being at least, David Davies is making the (sporting) news headlines in the UK.

There are other David Davies' that jockey for top position in Google. Currently yours truly is top but I share the top 10 with a Welsh politician, a philosopher, a painter, a molecular biologist, and our friend from the FA – though from his old TV presenter days.