I’ve declared in several places that I find it difficult to keep track of weblog comments I’ve made, and the conversations that arise as a result. In fact I’ve even lost track of the places where I’ve declared that, case in point!

So I’ve created a tool for Radio Userland and Manila weblogs that allows you to keep track of all the weblog comment threads you’re interested in, whether you’ve contributed or not. This tool is currently working for me so I’m fast approaching the time when I’d like to release a version out into the community to see how it works for others. If you’d like to try out the first release please let me know. Once I’ve had a couple of people test it for obvious bugs I’ll release a public version for anyone to try. Please get in touch if you’d like to try out the pre-release version.

Comments about how you’d like such a tool to work are also welcome. Presently, without giving too much away, the tool alerts you via email if a particular comment thread on any weblog is updated, regardless of the platform or blogging/comment software.