Updated: 17/9/05; 13:49:18
 Monday, December 29, 2003

Help wanted for Mac OS X IRC newbie

Can any kind soul who uses both Mac OS X and IRC help me get started? The Mobitopia weblog has an IRC channel but damned if I know how to make it work. Which client should I use and how do I get connected? Internet relay chatting is just like instant messaging, right? How/why is IRC better than the other instant messaging protocols? IRC is one of those things that has passed me by.

Another new phone

Bleedin' marvellous. The new Sony Ericsson P900 I got just before Christmas died on Christmas eve. It wouldn't boot up once I switched it off. Tech support said return it to the shop, nothing can be done. A post to the Esato P800/P900 discussion forum confirmed that my phone was indeed dead. More worryingly I found that I wasn't the only person to be having this problem. I do hope I haven't made a mistake moving away from Nokia. That new 7700 Media Device does look rather fancy.