Last night I saw Bowie live at the NEC Arena. Fantastic gig, great atmosphere. Some highlights:

  • Rebel Rebel: opening song, great rockin' version, set the mood perfectly
  • All the Young Dudes: what a surprise, didn't think he'd play this oldie, great version, got one of the biggest cheers of the night
  • Loving the Alien: Now I thought I was the only person who liked this song but seems Bowie likes it too. Great acoustic version, very timely lyrics.
  • Hallo Spaceboy: Great raunchy version of this newer song. One of the rockiest songs of the evening.
  • I'm Afraid of Americans: I loved the drum 'n' bass sound of Earthling. I know a lot of others didn't but what do they know. Not my fave track from that album (Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking) but a great live version and perfectly timed given GWB's visit to the UK.
  • Fantastic Voyage: Lodger was one of my favourite albums. Not one of his best by a long way but when it came out in the late 70's it struck a chord with me. Contains one of my fave Bowie tracks, 'Boys Keep swinging'. 'Fantastic Voyage' showed that his vocals are still really cool, great chorus. Love this song.
  • Life on Mars: Great song from his most productive years. Nice to see it in a set in 2003.
  • New Killer Star: Best song off the new album 'Reality'.

Ok, so he didn't play some of my favourite songs. But with such a back catalogue it's not surprising. I've never heard him play 'Station to Station' live which is a pity but last night was such a great concert that doesn't matter. He really seemed to enjoy it too, but I bet he says that to all the towns. He played for around 2 hours 15 mins. Two encores.

Oh yeah, he even covered a Pixies song, 'Cactus'. Cool, I saw the Pixies on their UK tour early 90's and they were really rockin. This monkey has gone to heaven.