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 Sunday, August 24, 2003

Back from two week's holiday. I've never been away for two weeks before but people told me that a week's not long enough. So we went for two this time. I can tell you it's very tiring, at least it is if you try to pack a lot in. After trying to visit somewhere different each day I feel like I need a third week to get over the previous two.

Anyway, funny story. I was lucky enough to get a new laptop to take away with me, a beautiful Titanium 15" Apple PowerBook. I rushed the order through so that I could use it to post to my weblog on holiday using a Bluetooth GPRS internet connection to my Nokia 7650 mobile phone. I was the electric road warrior with this killer mobile solution. I could moblog anything from anywhere. Or so I thought. When we got to the holiday flat there was no mobile phone connection. I was incommunicado. Sweet. I managed to post a few pics from my phone when I got a signal but not the full blown mobile picture weblog I intended. Oh well. Maybe next time. In the meantime I'll post some of the best pics here and to my Fotolog.

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