"With moblogging on the rise, the blogging industry appears to be exploding into the mainstream. With blogs that can be updated anytime, anywhere, blogging takes advantage of current technologies and again reinvents the self-publishing space on the Web."

Nice piece on mobile blogging by Amy Cowen in Hewlett-Packard's mpulse magazine. Most gratifying for me personally are the generous quotes and references from some of my own adventures with mobile blogging. Amy does a good job of covering the different options for mobile blogging and includes a comprehensive set of links. The article is right up to date ending with the Echo vs RSS debate. The piece concludes with a spot-on assessment "Potentially more important are killer applications that encourage having one blog you can update from anywhere and with multiple medias.".

In a competitive market the most adaptable and versatile system that works with user's existing blogs will be the most likely to succeed. This doesn't mean the most successful system will necessarily be the best. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Radio UserLand is the best system. It's based around a scriptable content management system which sets it apart from all the others and could see its fortunes rejuvenated when desktop content management becomes the next big thing (which it will). The challenge for UserLand will be to remain flexible in the technologies Radio supports.

Overall Amy's article is essential reading for anyone interested in mobile blogging.