Updated: 24/9/05; 10:44:08
 Sunday, May 18, 2003

Trackback allows me to see who's linked to my posts. At least it will as soon as it's released in Radio which I'm sure will be soon. But as useful as that might be it's not really what I want. I'd want to be able to keep track of all the comments I've left on other people's site and to keep track of comments others have left. Often it's the dialogue that follows a post that contains the really interesting information. There's no really easy way of doing that that I know of. So I end up losing track of conversations I've had.

Maybe there's a role for RSS and aggregators here. If each weblog post had an RSS feed of all the comments associated with it then we could use news readers to keep track of all our comments. I could subscribe to a post and its comments feed and I'd never lost track again. now that would be really useful.

Userland will probably release RSS support for Manila discussion groups in the next release of Manila due soon. As Manila hosts the comments of many Radio weblogs then maybe there's a way forward.

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