Friday. Must be London. This is me on a train somewhere between Rugby and London after an 05:30 start. I've been doing a lot of travelling recently to attend several meetings. I'll finally be back home this evening and able to catch up on email and weblogs.

The meetings have been very interesting and productive and I'll doubtless be writing about issues that arose from them on my main blog. In Manchester I attended the launch of the CETIS Pedagogy Forum. In Dundee we had the first meeting of the IVIMEDS Technology Working Party. IVIMEDS is a consortium of 34 medical schools and institutions set up to create an international repository of reusable learning objects and ultimately a virtual medical school. It's probably the largest global medical education consortium and as such has tremendous potential. More about that later.

In Newcastle I had two meetings. The first was to further develop an RLO interoperability project that's looking at using RSS as a syndication format for RLOs. The second meeting was a meeting of the board of the JISC X4L ACETS project, another RLO colaboration and one looking at pragmatics of using RLOs in teaching/learning.

Today I'm attending an 'Interactive content in education' meeting centred around the Education Content Assembly Toolset project.

Oh, and in between all this we even managed to take the kids to Wales (see below).

This extended mobile post has been made possible when I recently realised that I could use my Palm V and nifty folding keyboard to compose an email then send it to my Nokia 7650 for posting to this m-blog. D'Oh, why didn't I realise this sooner!