I've been wondering what news is so big that Gia can't tell us? It's definitely
something very top secret. After much thought I've come up with the
following possibilities:

  1. Using her special investigative journalist powers she has discovered
    evidence that proves Michael Jackson has had more than two operations on his
    face. Crucial evidence: has extensive contacts in 'the
  2. Is in some way involved with top secret anti-military plans in a certain
    part of the world. Crucial evidence: took part
    in Hyde Park peace march
  3. She has discovered the true mobile blogging killer app and is talking
    directly to Google. Crucial evidence: picture camera geek
  4. Has discovered the next 'Big Brother' TV phenomenon – lock 12 bloggers
    in a house without access to the internet. Crucial evidence: already gone cold turkey
  5. Er, something else

I guess we'll have to wait to find out.