An interesting piece by one of the BBC's resident bloggers, Bill Thompson. “The combination of easy web publishing with picture phones could mark a decisive shift in our approach to personal privacy, a shift that we may end up regretting.”

Perhaps it's the proliferation of insidious photography and videography that's more threatening to our privacy rather than the threat from 3G phones. Often we are told that CCTV in the street and in shops is there to protect rather than spy on us. While to some extent that might be true (CCTV cameras may prevent crime), it may come as a surprise to some citizens of the UK that by engaging in the activity that makes us a democracy, namely voting for who we want to govern us, our private details are up for sale. How do we know that our visage isn't already being commodified in the same way? We know where you were and who you were with at 3pm last Wednesday and we have the pictures to prove it.