I'm looking for beta testers for a new feature in the assetManager tool. Update your copy of the tool to get v0.99 then visit:

There's a new feature, weblog post email notification. You can specify an email address that will receive a copy of your weblog posts. Multiple addresses can be entered separated by commas. The default format for email versions of your weblog posts is HTML. That way all your careful formatting and pictures are preserved.

Email notification is optional for any weblog post including archived posts giving you maximum flexibility over who receives email copies of your weblog posts. You can choose to send out an email version only when you're ready, and on a individual post by post basis.

If you make the email address to receive your post the address of a list such as a Yahoo! group then you have an easy method for managing email subscriptions to your weblog!

Thanks to Rick Cogley for his patient help during alpha testing. Thanks also to Gil Friend, Rich Kuslan, Mark Michaelis and Larry Yudelson for their helpful comments along the way.

As proof of concept this weblog post itself was simultaneously emailed out to the [email protected] list.