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 Monday, October 7, 2002

assetManager 0.987 now allows you to email to categories. You can even email pictures to categories. Get the updated tool (details same as yesterday). Set up is via:

Hope someone finds it useful.

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 Sunday, October 6, 2002

Using the new assetManager mail to weblog feature you can include a picture in your email post and have it added to your weblog along with the text of your message.

IMPORTANT NOTE This is a beta feature. I have only tested it with Microsoft email clients (Entourage on Mac OS and Outlook 2000 on Windows. You MUST only send an email with the picture sent as a MIME/base64 encoded attachment i.e. do not send attachments uuencoded or binhexed. Only one picture attachment is allowed in this version. I've also only tried it with plain text emails. Sending HTML emails with this version of assetManager will result in unpredictable weblog posts.

Get the tool here:


Download this file and put it into your Radio tools folder. Mac users please change the file type to 'TABL' and the file creator to 'LAND'.

Existing assetManager users simply refresh the code to get v0.986. In Radio, Tools menu -> assetManager -> Refresh code...

Activate the new mail to weblog feature by visiting this page:

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