I’ve updated the assetManager tool to v0.984. Use the Radio application menu Tools -> AssetManager -> Refresh Code… to get the latest version.

What’s New

Added some new RPC handlers to give the tool some web service functionality

1. pictureGallery service. Use this to place a selected sub-set of the images in your picture gallery anywhere in your weblog. Pictures are selected by a keyword. If the keyword matches all or part of a picture’s filename then it gets included into a mini-gallery. use the service like this:

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.pictureGallery ("keyword")%>

e.g. on my machine

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.pictureGallery ("deganwy")%> yields

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.pictureGallery ("deganwy")%>

If you’d like to allow other people to use pictures from your weblog then replace with the IP address of your machine. For example, to include the above pictures in your weblog use:

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.pictureGallery ("deganwy")%>

2. rssSearch service. I like this one. Do you ever feel swamped by all the RSS news items you have in your weblog? Then why not filer them. Or better still, have a list of all the items on the same topic on your weblog. The list updates every time you update your weblog post. This service looks through all your subscribed to news feeds and places those feed items that match a keyword you specify in your weblog.

<%[“xmlrpc://”].assetManager.rssSearch (“keyword”)%>

On my machine, <%[“xmlrpc://”].assetManager.rssSearch (“education”)%> yields

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.rssSearch ("education")%>

As with the picture gallery service you can allow other people to embed filtered items from your subscribed to news feeds in their weblog by publishing this web service with your IP address rather than the default local address Why might you want to do this? OK, here’s an idea. Say you’ve heard I subscribe to a lot of feeds on healthcare but you’re only interested in smokers. You can use this web service to only list items on smoking. Try it now, copy/paste the following into a weblog post of your own:

< %["xmlrpc://"].assetManager.rssSearch ("smokers")%>