Updated: 24/9/05; 10:31:47
 Wednesday, March 20, 2002

It seems that versioning in Manila is not only possible but also relatively easy. With even my clunky scripting skills I managed to set Manila up to allow a managing editor (or contributing editor for that matter) to restore any previous version of a message or story. An immediate application is a simple undo post feature but of course you could restore any version of a page. Alternatively you could use all versions as an audit trail of the development of a page. This is a really powerful feature that's been missing for too long in Manila. Presently if you zap a page due to a hasty pressing of the 'Post changes' button you're screwed. Well now you can undo. And remember that version of a page you did last year? Well now you can get it back.

After discussing this idea at some length with some other folk for whom versioning would be a useful tool there may be opportunity to consider versioning other site features such as templates etc. However, some more thought needs to go into this as well as some more scripting!

Who'd be interested in such an extension to Manila I wonder?

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